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Salesperson License Class $349

Broker License Class $349

Online Continuing Education 12 Credits $75
Live Continuing Education classes will resume soon

A Tribute

Visitors to this website during 2019 learned that Bill Morgan would be retiring after 35 years of real estate involvement. A dozen years ago, he took his talent for grabbing the listener’s attention and turned it into the Bill Morgan Real Estate Academy. With purpose, attention to detail, and his passion for capturing knowledge and conveying it to others, Bill has single-handedly left his mark on former clients and students. Along the way, I became the loyal companion who taught many courses without damaging the school's reputation. Bill is my friend.

This Navy veteran, father, broker, instructor, and eccentric is returning to the land of his wife’s birth, Thailand. He’s long been swept up by its enticements. It seems that there are more fragrances to smell, ancient sights to behold, and natural wonders that require his gaze. He’s also mumbled something about a more affordable quality of life, but this must be poppycock!

I wish for Bill a safe journey, good health, and large doses of serenity.

John Proudian
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