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Day of Class
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The Courses that will be covered in the live class are:

RE04RC12 Chapter 93A 2 Hours
RE99R16  Residential Rental - Part 2 2 Hours
RE27RC07 1031 Exchanges 2 Hours
RE05RC12 Contract Law 2 Hours
RE25RC08 Financing 2 Hours
RE57R07  Brokerage Relationships 2 Hours

Some of the hot current topics you will learn about:

  • How to limit your liability as a Real Estate Agent.
  • What the Seller does not have to tell you about defects in the property.
  • The Real Estate market is GREAT-- don’t believe the papers.
  • The dangers of being a landlord in Massachusetts and the tenants' rights.
  • How to convert investment property into primary residence with no the tax.
  • How to virtually eliminate Identity Theft, junk mail and cold calls for $15.00.
  • What the heck is a facilitator and why you should offer compensation?
  • No more Seller’s or Buyer’s Agents. What is a Transaction Broker?
What to bring on the day of the class, plan ahead:
  • Snacks:  Bring food!  It is long day.  Pack a cooler.  Eat all day!
  • Drinks:  Bring drinks (no alcohol).  Large coffees, sodas, Red Bull…..
  • Dress Code: Hawaiian Shirts, if you have one!
  • Sweater:  Hotel rooms are always too cold or hot.  Bring a jacket or sweater.
  • Smile:  I love teaching and I especially want you to enjoy the day.
  • So leave Grumpy at home, get ready to laugh, learn, maybe fool around a little and watch the day fly by.
Let’s have some fun!

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