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Day of Class
SEVERE WEATHER: The Governor can declare an emergency as the result of a snowstorm or other winter weather condition. This is likely to include a ban on non-essential driving on roads and highways. During these Governor-declared emergencies, class will be cancelled. Do not leave your house. Listen for public announcements.

Plan for a long day. Classes are held at area hotels in meeting rooms that cannot be perfectly climate-controlled to suit everyone. Dress appropriately and comfortably.
  • Dress: Try to maintain your dignity. Bring a sweater in case of chill.
  • Drink: Please do but no alcohol. Try coffee, juice or milk. We've got water, too!
  • Food: Bring it. Pack a cooler. Eat all day. Avoid sugar highs.
  • Smile: Try it. You'll be staring at me. I'd feel better.
I love teaching and especially want you to enjoy the day.
Leave Grumpy at home, laugh a little, ask questions and learn.
    Let’s have some fun!

    Live Continuing Education Class Information

    Topics covered in the day-long live classroom program covers the following continuing education topics:

    RE04RC12 M.G.L c. 93A, Consumer Protection & Business Regulation 2 Hours
    RE99R16 Residential Rental - Landlord / Tenant Issues - Part 2 2 Hours
    RE27RC07 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges 2 Hours
    RE05RC12 Contract Law 2 Hours
    RE25RC08 Financing 2 Hours
    RE57R07 Brokerage Relationships 2 Hours

    Here are just a few of the pressing topics that will leave you panting.

    • Are guardian angels real?
    • For Rent: A story about aching needs and achy people.
    • Is it possible for two grown-ups to swap real estate?
    • How many ways are there to agree?
    • How money makes the world go around?
    • Who are these real estate people and why do they matter?

    Salesperson Pre-license Course

    We will probe for truth by asking these penetrating questions and more.
    • Isn't it great to be an expert?
    • Who the devil keeps an eye on these real estate people?
    • How do brokers and salespersons adore the public?
    • Should sellers and buyers always be treated equally?
    • Can real estate break?
    • What does it mean to own something?
    • Is there a difference between land, real estate, and real property?
    • Is there any room for disagreement?
    • Is it crazy to believe that price and value are not the same?
    • How to transform ideas into paperwork?
    • How to transform paperwork into money?
    • How does my city or town pay its bills?
    • Should I feel dirty for loving my government?

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