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The professional real estate agent is a student of the market and of people.

Only by following economic changes can one spot trends and plan ahead. Interpersonal skills – managing time, listening more and talking less – are invaluable.

A slight curiosity about the nuances of law broadens one's thinking. A basic awareness of design and construction serves as an aid to staging and marketing real estate. A small interest in mortgage financing becomes a tool to enable purchases. Absorbing the rudiments of appraising, a complicated effort that is unequally both art and science, improves analysis.


Architecture – Simple guide to residential styles

Consumer Protection Law

Contaminated Massachusetts properties including Superfund sites

Credit Freezes are now free. What's a Credit Lock?

Credit freezes and credit locks differ, but each provides important protections and are fairly simple to implement. Credit freezes are free and, because they're federally guaranteed, provide stiffer legal protections than locks.

Credit locks are easier for consumers to manage, but they can carry a monthly charge as a voluntary service of the credit bureau. Both block access to your credit report, provide a safeguard against identity theft, and may reduce junk mail.

Freeze or lock each of your 3 credit reports by contacting each of these nationwide credit bureaus:

First-Time Homebuyer resource – My Mass Mortgage

Flooding – Insurance, Zones

Foreclosed properties from RealtyTrac®

An aggregator of data collected from other sources.

Free Credit Reports – Credit & Identity Protection –  Learn from the FTC

Homeownership Affordability map

Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies generates a remarkable range of analyses. This is just one example.

House Price Index compiled by the FHFA

Actually a suite of indices measuring the movement of single-family house prices. So as not to be overwhelmed, let yourself be guided by its FAQs. There are tables, graphs, and maps. Of particular interest to most of us is the purchase-only index

Independent Contractor – IRS definition

IRS Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Learn from the sources about deductibility for homeownership, home office, rentals, much more.

Landlord Support at

LAWCHEK® Real Estate

Helpful resource that educates and informs but is NOT meant to serve as legal advice.

Lead – Start here to understand concerns, obtain forms, and comply with law.

A child whose blood contains 10 µg/dl (micrograms per deciliter) or greater is lead-poisoned.

Legal Aid from

Massachusetts Appraiser Board

Massachusetts Association of Realtors®

Massachusetts Home Inspector Board

Massachusetts Interactive Property Map

MassGIS developed this interesting tool for viewing property and tax information, and for measuring distances and area. 

Massachusetts Real Estate Board

Massachusetts School and District Data

Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board

Mortgage Professor

Authoritative site presenting explanations to promote intelligent borrowing decisions.


Comprehensive site containing a huge amount of information for different levels of understanding. Stick to the top of the Home page for its library, calculators, lenders and rates. Everything most of us want to know is there.

National Association of REALTORS®

PSI Exams online

Radon – Action level, Risks, Zones– learn from the EPA

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends fixing a home where radon levels measure 4 pCi/L (picocuries per liter) or higher. However, the World Health Organization recommends remediation at a lower 2.7 pCi/L.

Registries of Deeds for all Massachusetts counties

Rental Fees Charged by Landlords and Brokers – an examination

Residential Appraisal Process – FAQs for Agents

Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List from the U.S. Dept. of the Treasury

Tenant Screening Service for Landlords

The Appraisal Foundation

Of special interest to professional real property and personal property appraisers.

The International MLS

Vote – Register Online in minutes

World Maps (in English and Spanish)

Real estate is place. International real estate is about other places where people, their customs and viewpoints are rooted. Know their geographies.

north, east, west, and south wall decor

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