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The gigantic real estate industry is a complex world filled with opportunities.

See it for what it is—linkages of numbers and nature, form and function, dreams and destiny, business and behavior. The field of real estate brokerage draws people from all walks of life. It seeks motivated individuals of any age, from diverse backgrounds, and committed to ethical practice. It allows people to apply existing skills and old talents in new ways.

The Bill Morgan Real Estate Academy is committed to providing enjoyable and high-quality real estate classes. Call us today and register to attend. You can finish the entire course in only 4 days over 2 consecutive weekends.

Those who wish to obtain either the Real Estate Salesperson or the Real Estate Broker license must complete the mandatory 40-hour course. It is described as a pre-licensing program. Our goal is to help you pass the licensing examination. The cost is $349.

Those who seek to maintain their current real estate license must complete 12 hours of continuing education. It is comprised of six 2-hour modules intended for both Broker and Salesperson licensees. The cost is $125 for our live, in-class program and $75 for the online program.

The Bill Morgan Real Estate Academy strives to present classes that are informative, entertaining, and offered at competitive prices. If you are searching for a real estate prelicense or continuing education class that is fun and educational, then this school is the best choice! 

I hope to see you in class soon. Thank you very much, John Proudian

Walk-ins welcome, too!


Qualification: PERSEVERANCE


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Education for Everyone

Education for Everyone

Education for Everyone

  • Thinking about entering the business? Take the course to obtain the real estate salesperson license.
  • Time to advance in the business? Take the course to obtain the real estate broker license.
  • Already in the business? Take the continuing education to maintain your license.

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Education for Everyone

Education for Everyone





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Education for Everyone






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Visitors to this website during 2019 learned that Bill Morgan would be retiring after 35 years of real estate involvement. A dozen years ago, he took his talent for grabbing the listener’s attention and turned it into the Bill Morgan Real Estate Academy. With purpose, attention to detail, and his passion for capturing knowledge and conveying it to others, Bill single-handedly left his mark on former clients and students. Along the way, I became the loyal companion who taught many courses without damaging the school's reputation. Bill is my friend.

This Navy veteran, father, broker, instructor, and eccentric is returning to the land of his wife’s birth, Thailand. He’s long been swept up by its enticements. It seems that there are more fragrances to smell, ancient sights to behold, and natural wonders that require his gaze. He’s also mumbled something about a more affordable quality of life, but this must be poppycock!

I wish for Bill a safe journey, good health, and heavy doses of serenity.

John Proudian

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Serious real estate education made easy.

Your visit is appreciated. If this is not your cup of tea, then search my WORTHWHILE LINKS page for something that is. To register for a class, go to the REGISTRATION page.

Bill Morgan Real Estate Academy

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