Authorized Real Estate School Commonwealth of Massachusetts Approved 1224

We shall have no moaning, wailing, or whimpering.

prepare for a long day

It's just like camping, only better!

Plan for a long day. Classes are held at area hotels in meeting rooms that cannot be perfectly climate-controlled to suit everyone. Dress appropriately and comfortably.

  • Dress: Try to maintain your dignity. Bring a sweater in case of chill.
  • Drink: Please do but no alcohol. Try coffee, juice or milk. We've even got water!
  • Food: Bring it. Pack a cooler. Eat all day. Avoid sugar highs.
  • Smile: Try it. You'll be staring at me. I'd feel better.

I love teaching and especially want you to enjoy the day.

Leave Grumpy at home, laugh a little, ask questions and learn.

Let’s have some fun!

bad weather


The Governor can declare an emergency as the result of a snowstorm or other winter weather condition. This is likely to include a ban on non-essential driving on roads and highways. During these Governor-declared emergencies, class will be cancelled. Do not leave your house. Listen for public announcements.

The Joy of Thinking

lost in thought

In the SALESPERSON COURSE, we will probe for truth by asking these penetrating questions and more.

  1. Isn't it great to be an expert?
  2. Who the devil keeps an eye on these real estate people?
  3. How do brokers and salespersons adore the public?
  4. Should sellers and buyers always be treated equally?
  5. Can real estate break?
  6. What does it mean to own something?
  7. Is there a difference between land, real estate, and real property?
  8. Is there any room for disagreement?
  9. Is it crazy to believe that price and value are not the same?
  10. How to transform ideas into paperwork?
  11. How to transform paperwork into money?
  12. How does my city or town pay its bills?
  13. Should I feel dirty for loving my government?

learning new material

Here are just a few of the pressing CONTINUING EDUCATION topics that will leave you panting.

  1. Are guardian angels real?
  2. For Rent: A story about aching needs and achy people.
  3. Is it possible for two grown-ups to swap real estate?
  4. How many ways are there to agree?
  5. How money makes the world go around?
  6. Who are these real estate people and why do they matter?

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